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Felt button snake Large set

  • $ 17.50

Button snake is a fun way to introduce buttoning to children. The games comes with a ribbon that has a large button sewn onto each end and 18 shapes that have large button holes so that children can practice buttoning and unbuttoning and in the process they will be excited to be creating a snake.

This is a perfect thing to keep in your purse or diaper bag to pull out and hand to your child when in restaurant, Dr. office, church, car rides or anywhere you will have to wait quietly. Perfect busy bag project.

Once your child has learned to button on the shapes, you can encourage them to string by colors or shapes.

Great for day cares and preschools.

Set includes 2 each of 9 different colored shapes and a ribbon with a button sewn on each end.

Flower, bear, triangle, oval, apple, butterfly, heart, circle, and square colors will vary but each item will be the same color.

All shapes are made of 2 layers of felt with a stabilizer in the middle and sewn multiple times to stand up to years of fun play.


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