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Puppy lacing card or sewing card

  • $ 8.50

Children learn so much from these great sewing cards, they are a great learning project for both boys and girls. The card is machine embroidered and has reinforced holes with a ribbon which is used to sew around the puppy, the project comes with a large plastic sewing needle but a long shoestring or twine can also be used. Children learn by sewing through the holes and when they have gone all around the puppy the ribbon can be tied in a bow.

Great for party favors also.

The cards measures about 7X5" they are very sturdy and will stand up to the wear and tear that small chilren can put them thru and can be sewn over and over. They are made with two layer of a very firm stablizer and the back layer covers all of the embroidery stitching so the back is very clean.


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