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Connect the dot Travel Game uses dry erase markers, can be used over and over

  • $ 5.75

Children will love this, carry one in your purse for Dr. visits and long waits anywhere, take fun and learning with you.

This very simple game helps to develope hand and eye coordination, logic, reasoning skills and problem solving but your child is just being entertained and having fun.

The game measures 5x7" and has a vinyl cover so that it can be used over and over with either washable or dry erase markers and is very sturdy and will stand up to tons of wear and tear.

Perfect for treats or stocking stuffers, children can take them to school and give to each student for a special treat or they can be given away as party favors.

Instructions for playing the game are to take turns connecting two dots. If you complete a box, claim it with your initials. The player with the most boxes is the winner!

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