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Boy Felt quiet book puzzle 4 felt puzzles QB72

  • $ 26.00

Boy's Felt puzzle quiet book which includes 4 puzzles, 4 quiet book pages with a pocket on the back to hold all of the pieces for each puzzle- Red car, blue train, green dinosaur, and baseball.

All of our puzzles are double sided which means there is one color felt on one side and another color on the opposite side. This will help make it easier for children to put it together and twice the fun.

Template case measures 5"X 7" with a pocket on the back to hold the pieces. The back of the puzzle will be the same color as the template case, this helps children to match the right side of the puzzle to the outline on the case.

All of our felt foods and games are made with Eco-Felt and polyfill. Eco-Felt is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, making it an environmentally friendly choice. It is also more durable that typical craft or fabric store acrylic felt, while being less expensive than wool felt.


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